Code Glue was founded June 3, 2014, by Benjamin Lemmond. While we look forward providing powerful, easy-to-use software in the near future, currently Code Glue is mostly a namespace for software packages and libraries. We do, however, have one Android app for sale in the Google Play Store (in association with WageSlaveStudios). We are just getting started and are excited about what lies ahead.

Our philosophies:

  • We believe computers should work for us, not the other way around.
  • We believe software should stay out of your way as much as possible.
  • We believe all software should work with zero configuration out of the box, even if some features are disabled.
  • We like prompts.
  • We like GUIs.
  • We like recognition and not recollection.
  • We like String.Compare() and not strcmp().
  • We believe the code should not be a code.

We here at Code Glue feel that, for the most part, software sucks!

We want to help make it not.

Developing should be fun. Too many things make it not.